Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crazy Mourinho?

José has done it again!
No, not win a trophy, he didn't.
Cause a scene, yes he did, but that's not my point.

What he did do, as he has been doing for years, and only a handful of people seem to have clocked onto to it, is that he has protected his players.

The team did not win so there was nothing to celebrate. So he brings all the attention on himself and his persona, allowing him to praise his players (who will hear and appreciate it) whilst all the press and the media in general only want to talk about he did caring little for the performance on the pitch.

Oh, and also, he creates a siege mentality in his players, making them believe it's them against the world so they have something to prove, thereby bypassing the problem of egos, getting them to fight instead of moan.

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