Saturday, August 13, 2011

Will Fabregas be amazing at Barcelona?

Fabregas is an excellent player but he is not world-class. He played well at Arsenal and he will play well at Barcelona because they play the sort of football that suits him. But, is he great? No. Why? Because on his day he can spray passes around well, but if we are going to be bluntly honest, he does not score no way near enough goals from midfield, most games he does not even attempt to shoot on goal. He also does not defend very well nor does he work all that hard trying to win the ball back. He is not a great captain and he never seemed likely to inspire the team. Last year I thought he was pretty poor actually he only had a handful of good games, RVP and Nasri and even Song I think had much better seasons and were more influential.

As to where he will fit into Barcelona and the comparisons with Thiago. He will play in the Iniesta position, more advanced than Xavi, but he can play in the Xavi position also. It's obviously clear he's Xavi's replacement, and not he's not at his peak, he's 24! A couple more years with Xavi at 33, Fabregas at 26 will be his natural replacement. In that team and in that style it will suit him perfectly, but not just yet.

Is he better than Thiago? Difficult question. Right now yes. Does Thiago have more potential? Possibly, like someone else said, the problem with potential is that you never know how it's going to turn out. Look at Adriano in comparison to say Messi. Or Walcott and Rooney. Also, they are different players, Thiago is a guy that likes to take on players, plays much more closely to the strikers, to be fair he could very easily be more the next Messi than the next Xavi. I think Thiago will play and provide more relief to Pedro and Villa and Sanchez on the wings and upfront than in deep midfield.

So Fabregas may become very good for Barcelona, perhaps even great, but right now Barcelona is better for Fabregas, because Barcelona is the best team in the world and it's almost guaranteed they will trophies, besides it's his return home.

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