Friday, August 19, 2011

Falcão finally leaves Porto

Regardless of opinion of how much of a loss Falcão will be to Porto the fact of the matter is that it's a great deal, you can't turn down an offer like that, bigger than the transfer of Coentrão, and much more than two of our best Portuguese players in the not too distant past, Rui Costa and Figo, gone are the days when when our clubs were paid peanuts for our players. Indeed, this transfer is the biggest ever transfer in Portugal, a huge amount of money, €40m plus €7 depending on other objectives.

What is strange about Falcão's as compared to Coentrão is that instead of Real Madrid he's gone to Atlético Madrid. Anyone, in the world, can understand the pull of Real, whether you are at Benfica (a great club in the past) or at Manchester United (one of the biggest clubs in the world, right now). But Atlético seems harder to comprehend. And of course Porto are in the Champions League and have a pretty good team capable of getting to the late stages of the competition this year.

Why then, did Falcão decide to leave? Indeed he said in the papers he wanted to leave so there's no great conspiracy theory about Porto wanting to sell, although I'm sure they did. It comes down to two things: money, Falcão will be on a millionaire contract, and the quality of the league. Everyone accepts that the Spanish league is currently one of the most competitive and attractive leagues to play in (although many in England would disagree with that assessment). Whilst the Portuguese league has improved in latter years you cannot compare it to the thrill of playing against the world's best players.

Porto will be weaker, but they still have Hulk, and he for me was absolute key last year, the extra edge if you wish, were he to go as well, then I would be worried if I was a Porto supporter.

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